Jay Aarnio - 338

Foil On Records humbly presents you with our next release from Jay Aarnio: 338. This album is formed around eight ground-breaking tracks exploring and documenting the realities of living in Finland and especially within the dominion of Nekala.

We start with an in memoriam of all the individual souls lost at the depths of Lampipuisto, hence the suffix Diver.
We then transform ourselves with Riihitie Ravings into the utmost worshippers of the Riihitie drunken junkies who's shrieks of agony over ethylenealcohol and benzodiazepines keeps one up through the long summer nights.
Before turning our very eyes towards the magnificent wisdom of Kansanradio we are introduced to the glory of Nekala's very own otter family, also known as the Vihioja Floaters.
Rounding up towards to more radio-friendly tracks we have intercepted a series of distress calls from concerned citiziens of Finland, we praise and try to learn from the wisdom that these people have towards matters like narcotics and boob flashmobs.
Before signing off, our congregation are encouraged to join us in a prayer for our mämmioverlord Juha Mieto, blessing us with peace, love and transmutating our mämmi into one of his... more

Released April 29, 2023

Track 7 originally written and produced by Erätarkastaja
Written and produced by Jay Aarnio
Mastering by Jorgos Petrovsky
Cover art by Leonardo.ai & Jorgos Petrovsky