Amhimdo - Karelian Kalmisto

Project Amhimdo was created for exploring ambiances of the Finnish mindset. All inspiration are drawn from the void. All tracks were composed during winter 2013-2014.

Worlds are burnin/ Holy smoke rising above skies/ Time-space travelers unite/ Within the sign of black arts/ Magick brings all to life/ Conjuring spirits/ Raisin pylons for the one/ Five pointed starts take form/ As the ashes keep building/ Four hundred and twenty mercenaries/ Bring more leaf to the flames/ Days are turning to night time/ Jupiter will rise/ Galactic center aligns/ Truce for goat-men/ Travelers have found coordinates of treasure/ All minds are melting away/ Flowing into the refinery/ Sorcerers are summoning/ Bringing forth the hammer of Thor/ Astral beings invade/ Existence of reality ripples/ Passing Dark Lord through/ Disappointing egos of others within you/ Smoke rips through these chains/ Releasing me, Releasing you, from it's lies/ No, no more, no more denies/ Deeper and feeble as you reach the darkness within/ Embracing grand orchestrator/ We are not just lurking anymore/
We succumb to the black flames/ On top of the stronghold we rise/ Forging ourselves with pleasure

Mastered by Vali OzanaVMAT2
Cover art by Jorgos Petrovsky & Tommi Salmi

Released August 25, 2017

Jorgos Petrovsky, Jay Aarnio