VA - Köyri Winter Solstice Essentials

Foil On Records proudly presents VA - Köyri, a true and original exploration of harvest festivities, the collection has the inherited capability of transcending GIT (Gödel's incompleteness theorems) and inducing permanent shifts of one's persona, this collection has been completed with the utmost respect towards our Alien Overlords and was only delayed by the impending chaos of climate change, which pushed the harvest to go beyond freezing of the atmosphere.

We recommend this collection to be enjoyed with a Richter magnitude 9+ dose of psychedelics, we guarantee matching or exceeding fidelity of the James Webb Telescope.

To further advance your experience our debutant audio commissioner Papa Anatoli states: "One should achvieve minimum of 12 hours of meditation prior to engaging with the record in order to fully experience the vast ancient feast! Take a walk in the modern tree fields.

Released December 22, 2021
Mastered by Erätarkastaja
Album art by Jay Aarnio
Executive Producing by Jorgos Petrovsky