As the name suggests, this album has been in making for 10 years. The oldest song on the album is seven years old now. The journey has been fulfilling, in good and bad and you can definitely hear it from the songs.

I made this album as an honor for everybody that enjoys my music, rave culture, psychedelics and expanding the conciousness. May this make you thrive for higher moral and empathy towards fellow human beings.

Shout outs go to Foil-On for all the support and help during my evolving, helping me through hardships and giving a hand with publishing this album. Shout outs go to people who listen to this album, whether you like it or not.


Released January 30, 2023
Mastered by: H3RSKA, for except the track #5 'Inner Fire', which was mastered by Jay Aarnio & Bongilokki