Humus Hummus - Mire Lure

The darkening nights of the fall are not only for serious mental glitching, enjoying the cold breeze of death whispering from the void while the leaves tumble down to the ground provides a perfect environment for mold and decomposers to activate and begin their work of grinding all organics to the point of dematerialization.

Foil On Records proudly presents the latest groove of Humus Hummus - Mire Lure to suit all of your decomposing needs.

Fire up your favorite dimension shifters and get ready to drift through the ever condensing spiral of madness, desceding closer to the climax of facing one's self bare and without the burden of joy and happiness. Enjoy pure, rift mangling soundscapes, hypnosis inducing beats and cryptic basslines as you embark on the journey of discovery like one humankind has never witnessed before.

Mastered by Erätarkastaja
Released September 23, 2022